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JK’s Magazine issue two aims to inspire through a diverse creative showcase

JK’s Magazine issue two has continued its mission of injecting inspiration through exhibiting the creative arts. With its release in Winter of 2022, JK’s Magazine’s Editor Jeesi Kalombo explains that his “long-term visions (have) come into reality.” He continues, “I hope the magazine gives people, who have not yet found an artistic hobby or expressed themselves through their own work, the courage to start in many different ways.” This encouragement is served up to the reader through a series of interviews, photojournalism pieces, lookbook sections and a large variety of artwork from a pool of creative industries.

JK’s Magazine was founded in Finland, but hosts artists, opinions and photographers from all over the World. Its mission statement is presented in the opening pages notes in part that the magazine is “for everyone who wants to change the world together” – a message that is mirrored through its creative, positive and engaging content. The name of the issue is ‘Inspired’, sitting in uppercase yellow typography on the cover. The theme for the issue interlinks with the core message, ultimately providing the driving force for the content.

The first piece sees us meet scenographer and visual artist Alegia Papageorgiou through an interview punctuated by Alegia’s artistic works. “Speculate everything – this is where great ideas come from and this is where new opportunities come from,” they note in the piece. The article dives into the artist’s life up until the point of the interview, taking on everything from university life to working with costume designs, painting, sculpting and much more. There’s a strong emphasis on learning from a life in art, and a reflective tone that enables the reader to take advice from the artist.


"[A] photoshoot by Sofia Kostjukova features issue two’s cover image. Inspired by “minimalism and natural tones of nature,” Sofia’s work has similar tendencies to the piece with David K in regards to nature vs urban."

Stuart Williams, Owner of Overleaf 


An abundance of advice and tips can be discovered across multiple articles in JK’s Magazine, and is evident throughout issue two. Channelling this advice through real-world insights engages the reader in multiple industries, leading us across different creative plains. An interview with two filmmakers residing and working in Helsinki, Frank and Jacques, sees them examining the current status of working in film in Finland. Individually we see screenshots of their work, such as Frank’s film Velvet Dreams. He notes, “when we add nepotism to the equation and fund the same type of films and actors there’s no room to grow. We’ve fallen into an artistic hell.” Frank further explains that bravery is required from the Finnish film industry to reach another level of potential.

Jacques on the other hand confirms Frank’s point of view but mentions that he is optimistic for the future. Jacques notes, “I have a sense of optimism about the future of Finnish cinema. Already noticeable is the success of Finnish films at prestigious international film festivals such as Cannes and Berlinale.” It’s the success on the international stage that has put Finnish film on the map as of late. The SES (“Suomen elokuvasäätiö” in Finnish, and the Finnish Film Foundation in English) note that feature-length films ‘The Woodcutter Story’ and ‘Boy from Heaven’ were entered into the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, amongst short films and documentaries. Fashion from Finland also features heavily in JK’s Magazine, with a large piece named ‘Fashcene’, covering a fashion show in Turku back in 2022. Broader event photoshoots are featured alongside individual collection coverage including a selection of clothing made from old surf kites.

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A hugely diverse range of models are shown throughout the fashion coverage, with work by designers such as Maria Pöyhiä, Vilma Savolainen and U.N.K.N.O.W.N highlighted to name a few. Other stand-out articles include a photo set featuring David K, a young boy from Finland currently in junior high school. He models a range of clothing including an orange hat, using it as a prop to drive patterns of light across his face and body. These patterns and subtle nuances using light bring soft textures to the photos, but tones down the urban environment that is apparent in some shots. Another photoshoot by Sofia Kostjukova features issue two’s cover image. Inspired by “minimalism and natural tones of nature,” Sofia’s work has similar tendencies to the piece with David K in regards to nature vs urban. Both also paint with light to emphasise features of the model but also control shadows to add depth to the images.

With more pieces including ceramic and textile focused artists, there’s a lot to explore in JK’s Magazine. Issue two holds a surprising mix of film, fashion, photography and the arts across multiple disciplines. A curated balance of interview-led and image-led articles create a pool of interest and engage us into the various creative worlds exhibited. Each piece is allowed to breathe and acts as a physical Pinterest board of inspiration for the reader. In its own unique style, JK’s Magazine chronicles a slice of the creative on-goings in Finland and the impact of the arts across the world. This therefore offers insights not found anywhere else – carving a path of its own into the indie magazine market.

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