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The Goods issue five ignites the global business community and coffee lovers alike

We’re experiencing a new era for business focused independent magazines. This resurgence has inspired titles such as ‘THE GOODS’ and ‘Courier’ (to name a few) bring their on-the-pulse, forward-thinking content to an audience of global professionals. Tailoring their publication towards agency owners, creative professionals and coffee lovers alike, ‘THE GOODS’ sees strategic advice collide with insightful interviews. The interviews are a resource of real-world experience in some of the largest industries in the world. Diving into issue five of ‘THE GOODS’ we see the content honed in towards the creator economy, at a time of a constant flux.

Published in October 2021, this issue is co-headlined by business, advertising and industry spokesman Rory Sutherland. As the current vice-chairman of Oglivy & Mather, advertising executive Rory is a voice to be reckoned with. With a wealth of knowledge across psychology, consumer behaviour and of course advertising, he’s authored some of the most successful books on the themes across his decades of experience. Rory joins James Hoffmann on issue five’s cover – showcasing a featured interview between the two to be found in the latter part of the issue. James is a successful English barista, YouTuber, entrepreneur, coffee consultant, and author. Together they create an engaging dynamic that holds some hugely interesting insights.

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The content within ‘THE GOODS’ is a no-nonsense approach to business tips and advice. A 50-50 split between single page text-image spreads, the physical and digital publication sees a clean design paired with a jam-packed range of content. But the defining feature of the magazine is knowledge; knowledge in the sense of discovery. Readers meet a range of individuals from industries such as tech, automotive, creative, advertising and even the aforementioned coffee industry. It forms a journey that transcends industry, but offers straight-forward business development advice.

The first article meets Douglas Morton, the owner of grocery start-up ‘Bother’. He notes that they’re currently on a mission to reimagine grocery shopping with the help of eCommerce. Touching on the idea of a sustainable business model for the future, it’s clear that there is value in taking the time to curate a solution to solve real world problems. Becoming a household name in the grocery  industry is no easy feat, but ‘Bother’ are leveraging trusted review platforms and social media as some of the means to expand. The brand is a modern reflection of modern customer standards, being a net carbon neutral company and they also plant trees through Ecologi.

Opinion articles also feature within ‘THE GOODS’, bringing guest collaborations to be part of the forefront of their offering. The agency world is vast, but these types of posts focus in and offer grounded guidance. ‘The Opinion Edit’ featured in this issue speaks to the gig economy and how referral methods work. The “Goldilocks Partnerships” strategy looks to ensure freelancers get fed by the bigger agency if they don’t have capacity, etc. This edition is written by Small World Co-Founder Dan Salkey and opens the doors to their “everyone gets fed” approach to agency working. It’s an admirable insight which also relates to an open and transparent process of hiring an agency as a brand, as noted by Laurie Offer, the New Business Director at BLOOM, London. Laurie speaks to building a rapport with clients and how to do so. Amongst many nuggets of advice they note, “feeling like you have been listened to and understood goes a long way and is an excellent indicator of future success.” It’s true that listening is a key factor in business, but this is also what ‘THE GOODS’ thrives on; they have their fingers on the pulse.

The magazine is an ode to how business publications should present in these times. ‘THE GOODS’ seem to value and trust in the key movers and shakers and those who have a voice of interest, and they speak just as loud as the strong imagery throughout. Although the design is understated and minimal, it pushes the content through at an incredible pace. Yogesh Sakhal, the Group Vice President at Oracle adds their take on how to do business in the Asia Pacific. It tells of the scale of which ‘THE GOODS’ expand an already vast network (five issues in) and how advice can be sought across all points of the globe. With the feature interview bringing us back to the shores of Britain, James Hoffmann and Rory Sutherland discuss the ins and outs of strong business partnerships. Everything from ”consumer whimsy” as Rory notes, to moving an audience, the two form a mutual admiration that drives the core of the conversation. Ultimately the piece is underwritten by coffee and its impact in the home and as a business, but as fans of Rory will know, you’ll pick up a ton of insight from advertising, consumerism and beyond.

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‘THE GOODS’ issue five dives into the realms of advice, knowledge and insights, but it is underpinned by a human aspect. The grounded, down to earth interviews, quick chats and advice pieces can be digested by professionals and upcoming professionals alike, from any walks of life. Its simple format is an inclusive story of the business world, with snippets across multiple perspectives. By inviting us into their world of quality, curated articles that are focused and value-driven, the publication inspires and ignites. A call to arms for trusted, adaptable and malleable actions to help push careers, the economy to strengthen and for business communities to connect.

Issue six of ‘THE GOODS’ arrived in the summer of 2022. You can buy all issues of their magazine digitally or physically via their website.

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