Spotz and Racquet release party promotion poster
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Spotz and Racquet co-hosting ‘Tennis in NYC’ release party this August

Limited edition zine creator Spotz is set to host a release party in aid of celebrating their latest release. Supported by tennis and culture magazine Racquet, the event is to be held in New York City’s VICTORIA! bar on the 8th of August. The event doesn’t require an RSVP as per time of posting and is a walk-in night of music, photos, tennis, writing, drinks and conversation, all starting at 6pm.

Spotz and Racquet release party promotion contributor list
© Spotz

Spotz is the project of visual artist Pete Voelker, who has developed both Spotz Studios – a creative direction studio and, a collaborative project started in 2019 “where he encourages collaboration via books, portfolios, and a periodical called PIX.” The latest zine, ‘TENNIS IN NYC’ is the brand new release by Pete at Spotz and features a wide range of contributors including, Raina Wellman, Giri Nathan, Archie Blu, Terrence Doyle, Cheyenne Kerekes, Richard Kern, James Hartley, John Zimmerman, Toya Horiuchi, Miriam Nerecan, Daniel Terna, Erika Allen and Max Arnold.

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Spotz and Racquet release party promotion poster
© Spotz

Racquet magazine is a quarterly publication based out of Washington state and has recently released issue 19 of their tennis journal. Known for its art, ideas, style and culture pieces based on and surrounding the sport of Tennis, Racquet has become a staple in independent magazine shops around the globe. Racquet will be in attendance at the release party in support of the Spotz release. This will be a great opportunity to pick up a copy of both releases!

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