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Math magazine closes its doors after 11 issues

‘Math’ magazine is closing its doors after 11 issues. Posting on Twitter on July 14th, Math’s team wrote, “after 11 issues of Math Magazine, MATH#10(art) will be our last. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and supported over the last 7 years.” ‘Math’ magazine has made a name for itself as a “safe, sexy and inclusive” publication, they write. “Math enables sex-positive experiences through radical inclusiveness, community, and high-caliber collaboration. Our flagship book series features explicit artwork and writing for an increasingly connected and sexually liberated world. We believe in pleasure for all.”

Math Magazine Twitter post reading 'Math 10 is our final issue'

A previous contributor has written a testimonial on their main website, referring to the treatment of their artwork. They write, “Thank you for the superb presentation of my artwork in the latest issue of MATH. I feel very privileged to have my work featured alongside the works of very creative people.  Thank you for including my artwork in this issue.” The pink front cover of their final issue continues the style choice of reds and pinks for each of their issues, and clocks in at 192 pages. Contributors include Amy Bessone, Armando Cabba, Bojeung Leung, Erin M. Riley, Howard Fonda and more; the full list can be found on their website.

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Please note that all content inside the magazine is intended for those 18 years or older, as stated in their product details. ‘Math’ also has an active podcast, although it’s not clear (at time of writing) if this will be continuing or not. Their final issue has sold out on their official website but no doubt a digital edition will be available soon – all previous issues can be found here.

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