Pit magazine sausage issue cover featuring a sausage dog shaped out of the food item
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Pit magazine accepting pitches for new issue themed around sauces

Pit magazine is on the lookout for submissions for their brand new “Saucy issue”. Pit magazine has its roots within “food and fire,” as they note on their website. With the current issue (now their 11th) themed around the “Night Market,” Pit are now accepting submissions for their 13th issue focused on sauce. Announced on their Twitter, writers, illustrators and photographers can send in their pitches before 15th April – that’s only 10 days away!

Pit magazine MSG cover
Pit magazine issue 9 cover © Pit Magazine

With 11 diverse issues already released and a 12th (themed on potatoes) around the corner, this is a great time to become involved with an independent magazine such as Pit. Previous issues have covered MSG, sausages, kebabs and of course the latest Night Market theme. They write, “we are inclusive. Pit is a magazine that celebrates the diversity of the food world, and the people who work within it. We work to a set of core values that centre around accessibility, diversity, quality and, very often, FUN.”

To submit your pitch before 15th April, please email hello@pitmagazine.uk and read the details here prior to submitting (includes rates, etc). All information correct at time of writing.

All images ©Pit Magazine

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