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Guardians of indie mags Magazine Brighton announces store closure

Prominent independent magazine shop ‘Magazine Brighton’ is set to close in April 2022. The announcement was made via their Instagram this past week with the words, “For personal reasons, Magazine Brighton is closing. Our final trading day will be Saturday, April 2nd 2022. We know that everything changes and that this is simply another small version of that. We have loved every minute of having our shop, a huge part of which is the way you and many others have supported us both online and in-store with your enthusiasm, purchases, recommendations and your good wishes. We are so grateful to you.”

The UK’s ‘Magazine Brighton’ has been active for seven years, with owner Martin Skelton and team selling some of the best independent publications the world has to offer since 2015. After releasing the news across their social media and website, hundreds have expressed their support for their efforts. This includes Bath magazine store Magalleria who wrote on Instagram, “So sorry to see this just now, Martin. I don’t think our business would be here without you showing the way. MB was/is an inspiration. All the best for your next chapter from us.” Publications such as The Delicate Rebéllion and Delayed Gratification have also commented with the former having named them “the absolute guardians of indie mags.”


We wish Martin and team the very best of luck for the future, and we hope this won’t be their last venture into indie magazines. For our UK readers, you can still go and support the shop until April 2nd 2022. Have memories of visiting ‘Magazine Brighton’? Get in touch with me on Instagram and I’ll feature them!

Read the full closure announcement here.

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