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Courier magazine returns with bumper issue 50

Courier magazine has returned with their brand new issue 50, a milestone for the global editorial team. Autumn 2022 saw the release of issue 49, featuring their regular format with the theme for 49 being focused on building a business. Since then we’ve seen a 6 month break across channels whilst Courier prepared their fiftieth edition. Returning at the end of April this year with the new, bumper release, Courier sees a completely new format including more pages – looking to be nearly double the regular amount. It also includes sticker sheets, pull-out posters and interactive illustrations.

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Marking their tenth year in print, Courier recently launched issue 50 with a sold out Magculture event on the 4th of May. Discussing ‘How do you take a successful magazine and adapt it to a new editorial and business strategy? – the event saw editor John Sunyer and art director Kate McInerney introduce the entrepreneurial title’s 50th issue. The event listing (which has since closed), read, “John and Kate will present the relaunch issue and then talk with magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie about the six-month project behind it. They’ll also discuss how the magazine fits alongside the many other parts of the Courier platform: the books, newsletters and events.”

The Courier team recently added a video of the process on their Instagram, showing everything from flatplans that show the individual layouts of the issue, to the printing press. Diving into the content, the team notes, “Over three courses, we tell the story of how food became art, featuring our cover stars BAO on a trip back to Taiwan. Throwing Fits and Danny Lomas talk (and talk) about fashion and ‘the new male zeitgeist’. We go on a trek with Hike Clerb and learn about the rise of gorp girls.”

Issue 50 is out now across selected newsstands across the globe. To find out more about this issue please visit their official website here.

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