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Delicate Rébellion’s ‘The (Un)Influenced issue’ pays homage to creatives during these turbulent times

Issue 2 of art and culture showcase Delicate Rébellion (DR) arrives out of the packaging with the back cover facing. Its monogram spot-varnished with a message printed on top reading “oh hey you, The world is a little wild right now, but please never underestimate yourself. Keep going. Keep going. Good things will come. Love love. X” This message for turbulent times by creator Hannah Taylor sets the tone for the rest of the magazine, a personal journey through creativity for the reader.

Above: Delicate Rébellion Issue 2 – Back Cover
Above: Delicate Rébellion Issue 2 – Spine

With so much negativity on a daily basis during the current climate, DR offers a shining light in the darkness. Turning over to the front cover which is adorned with the full logomark, the photograph-lead background by Melissa Schriek is particularly striking. It depicts two people holding each other, but with one holding the other’s knees upon their shoulder, dangling down to their shin level. The person hanging stares at the audience, inviting you into their world. There is a clear comfort or solace in the image which asks nothing of the viewer; but immediately we become friends.

If optimism had its own publication, this would be it.

Created in Edinburgh by Hannah Taylor, Delicate Rébellion is a labour of love for the magazine owner. Speaking on Instagram about her beginnings, she writes, “Known to family as ‘la fille with the pritt stick,’ my first publication was a newspaper printed on my auntie’s dot matrix printer when I was 8(ish) years old. Classifieds and wordsearch included, it was legit.” Issue 2 sees Hannah expand on her creative network with a further publication named ‘The Directory,’ a supplement with the issue from the online shop only. It showcases a range of products and services offered by “unique and gorgeous hearted people,” Hannah writes. During a time where we need to unite (not physically, yet) and support each other, ‘The Directory’ offers support and visibility to an amazing array of creatives.

Above: Delicate Rébellion Issue 2 – Article

The main publication sees a similar set-up with a clear focus upon a range of creative people and their practice, interviewed and photographed. It offers insights into their process, thoughts and their unique takes on creativity. Focusing on the work and the people behind it is a regular format, but DR’s appreciative and spell-binding approach to the writing, design and layout of the magazine gives the pieces that extra magic. If optimism had its own publication, this would be it.

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