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Time Out Group to close print edition in June 2022

After 54 years in circulation, Time Out magazine has announced the closure of their print edition, as reported by The Guardian and BBC. “Free print publications have struggled in recent years due to a variety of factors including advertisers moving money away from the format,” The Guardian wrote. Time Out will focus on their digital efforts only from June 2022, adding to other publications such as NME and Kerrang that have moved across from their physical forms in recent years.

Time Out Magazine No.29 (1970)

“The magazine began life in 1968,” BBC note. “Peaked in the late 1990s, but has seen numbers dwindling since changes to the publishing business as a whole.” Time Out moved from a paid edition to a free publication in 2012, bringing it to thousands of commuters in capital cities around the World including London, New York and Barcelona. Campaign also reported the news and wrote, “with a global audience of 76.2 million people, Time Out reaches 333 cities in 59 countries across various media channels, including digital, social, video and print, with an additional seven Time Out Markets across the world.”

Speaking about the future of Time Out to Campaign, Time Out Group’s chief executive Chris Ohlund says, “we will continue to innovate and grow our digital channels, especially across social media and video. We have already made progress with this same transition with huge success in the USA.” With categories across culture, entertainment, travel, food and drink, Time Out continues to be a strong source of information for the top things to do in capital cities (and beyond) around the globe. Overleaf wishes the team the very best for the future, no doubt the creativity found within Time Out’s pages will live on and continue to inspire.

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