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Emergence Magazine hosting Shifting Landscapes exhibition this December

Emergence Magazine is the work of the Kalliopeia Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose work ties into the living Earth and responds to a “global need” – to “take spiritual as well as physical responsibility for our common home.” This mission underpins their latest exhibition with their Emergence Magazine – ‘Shifting Landscapes’. Held between the 1st and 10th of December 2023 in London’s OXO Tower Wharf (running alongside the Thames river on Southbank), this will be an immersive experience for attendees, aiming to open imaginations and connect with our “kinship with the living world.”

‘Shifting Landscapes’ promises to be a multi sensory journey across biospheric planes, delivered across what we touch, hear and breathe. This spacial participation takes form through the work of nine artists, opening our imaginations to “our entanglement with the biosphere, from the smallest stirrings of life within our bodies to the massive imprints we have left on the Earth’s face.” The nine artists included are Adam Loften, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Gheorghe Popa, Kalyanee Mam, Katie Holten, Kiliii Yüyan, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Studio Airport and Zied Ben Romdhane respectively.

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Emergence Magazine is an award-winning online and print publication featuring innovative stories that explore the threads connecting ecology, culture, and spirituality. Currently on volume four, Emergence is a feast for the print fan, with open stitching and quality paper to hand – each issue is a tactile and curated odyssey. Volume 4 and ‘Shifting Landscapes’, as Emergence notes on their website, “is woven from this liminal space. Within you’ll find stories of changing rivers and migrating forests, blurred boundaries between human and animal, geological landscapes that reveal human histories, and prophecies that weave themselves into the land. The voices gathered in this volume bear witness to the Earth’s changing face and respond to her evolving song.”

With so much to discover in the exhibition this December, we are reminded to remember that “we are not – and have never been – separate from the enfolding Earth,” they write in the event description. With climate change constantly evolving our current existence on this planet, ‘Shifting Landscapes’ hones in on those transformations. “Immersed in the music of birdsong, the migration of microbes, the sounds of silence, the breath of a rainforest, might we remember ourselves as an extension of the changing Earth? What seeds of reciprocity, of abundant mutual care, might take root?”

Emergence Magazine will also be hosting a series of special events, including conversations with the exhibition’s artists and Emergence contributors, and special film screenings. Attendees are advised to book their free ticket from Eventbrite here to guarantee entry. You can also see more about the exhibition here.

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