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Noia magazine announces upcoming issue two

Noia magazine have released details about their upcoming second issue via Instagram. The creative journal saw their debut issue fly off the shelves with accompanying merch (including a scarf!) sold alongside. Noia’s second issue is based around the theme of Reassemblage, as noted in their open call for contributions earlier in June.

A list of contributors have been published via their Instagram this week. Names including Jonathan Levine and Ian Erickson, Pierandrea Villa, Linda Carluccio, Cameron McEwan, Michael Leszuk, Laura Brophy, Alessio Keilty, Alba Villarmea Sancho and Neo Metabolism. The list forms a collective with experience in architecture, research practice, writing, media artistry and photography, to name a few.

© Noia (Via Instagram)
© Noia (Via Instagram)
© Noia (Via Instagram)

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More details are to be released soon and pre-orders are set to open shortly, but you can still purchase issue 1 via their official web shop. To be the first to hear about Noia issue two dropping, make sure to follow Overleaf on Instagram here and Noia magazine here.

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