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Overleaf podcast episode one released featuring Akin Magazine

Overleaf podcast episode one is now out across your favourite podcast listening channels, including Spotify, Apple, Acast and SoundCloud. In this inaugural episode of Overleaf we’ll meet Alice Pomfret, a Norwich (UK) based designer, creator and businesswoman who runs Akin Magazine. In this hour-long chat we discuss Alice’s journey until now (well, December 2021), Akin’s latest issue, her role as an in-house designer across multiple publications and future aspirations for Akin.

You can also listen directly below:

Akin Magazine has its roots within being “a magazine inspired by people,” and each issue began with a focus on a particular creative person. Issues focused upon Stormzy, Grayson Perry, Viviene Westwood and Zaha Hadid, the latter of which Alice referenced as an inspiration. However the latest issue was an evolution of sorts and moved towards a honed in approach to a variety of creatives which also moved away from the spiral-bound issues of previous. In the first episode we’ll chat about the evolution and dive into Alice’s experience of running a small publication.

Akin Magazine issue 5 with Nozza News

Alice also runs ‘Nozza News’, a risograph newsletter summarising the cultural and creative goings-on in Norfolk. A snippet of a county that’s full of independent makers, venues, crafters and sellers, ‘Nozza News’ is the perfect place to get information on local events, new openings and of course, shops! It’s available on Akin’s online shop here.

Although recorded back in December, the episode marks a pivotal point for Alice who was currently on a month’s break from the usual hustle and bustle of Akin. A milestone for the business, Akin have launched their first physical shop in Norwich at the start of this month (March). A full article will be posted shortly with all the details.

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