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MagCulture Live returns to New York this May

magCulture Live is returning to New York on 22nd May 2022. The highly anticipated independent magazine event is set to be the first in-real-life (IRL) event since November 2021 for the legendary London magazine store, podcast and consultancy (plus much more). The “celebration of the culture of magazines” is set to take place at Ace Hotel Brooklyn in New York, a beautiful and boutique location for the event. Originally held annually in London since 2013 and named ‘ModMag’, the event looks to drive the conversation about magazines and the print industry. The event’s name recently evolved into ‘magCulture Live’, a homage to the store itself. We don’t duck the big issues facing print publishing,” they note in the Eventbrite listing. “But neither do we fall for the easy, negative narratives surrounding the industry. magCulture Live is a celebration and reminder of the power of magazine creativity.”

The previous magCulture Live featured speakers from publications such as Paperboy, Kinfolk, MacGuffin, i-D, ZEITmagazin, Dirty Furniture, Port, Modern Matter, The Guardian Saturday, Chutney, Thiiird and Louche. May’s edition will see another huge range of speakers from the heights of the magazine World grace the Ace Hotel – from creative makers, influential duos to a local magazine shop. These will include Christian Nolle of Direction of Travel, Happy David of Casa Magazines, Vanessa Saba of Mother Tongue, Verena von Pfetten of Gossamer, Nadja Spiegelman of Astra, Kathleen Tso & Vicki Ho of Banana, Vincente Munoz & Audrey Rose Smith of Balcony, Emily Stokes of The Paris Review, Richard Turley & Mel Ottenberg of Interview and Gail Bichler & Jake Silverstein of New York Times Magazine. This packed line-up will, “provide their own unique insight into today’s magazines and the challenges they face,” the event listing notes.

Balcony team (Top left), Banana team (Bottom left), Direction of Travel (Top right) & The Paris Review (Bottom right) [Images used with magCulture permission]

Diving into some of the speakers, there is a diverse mix of everything from airplane map collectors to communities resisting nationalism. You’ll discover their missions and inherit love for the medium but also how they face new challenges within print. Direction of Travel is a newspaper devoted to vintage airplane maps by Christian Nolle. With 4 issues published so far, Direction of Travel focuses on a select few airplane brands per edition – curating a large visual history via their maps. Largely a graphic design archive which is a feast for the eyes, ultimately, the site reads, “each Volume looks in detail at a different selection of airlines who are either aligned or opposed geographically, graphically or politically.” Emily Stokes from The Paris Review will also be speaking about the recent re-design of the historical literary institution. The event notes that she brought in designer Matt Willey to help “redefine the magazine, and she’ll be sharing a little of the title’s history before discussing the redesign process.” This is an exciting opportunity to gain insight into how Matt and Emily have re-envisioned The Paris Review for the future.

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New York Times Magazine (Top left), Gossamer (Bottom left), Casa Magazines (Top right) & Interview (Bottom right) [Images used with magCulture permission]
Left to right: Astra, Interview, Mother Tongue (Images used with magCulture permission)

Prior to the event magCulture is setting up shop to bring ‘MagMagMag’ to Manhattan. A 4 day pop-up event in Vitsoe, Manhattan, ‘MagMagMag’ is a series of lunchtime talks held in the space. These talks are completely free and are to be held between 17th-20th May, but not only this – event-goers can also expect a selection of magazines available for purchase. More details are to be announced, although no doubt this will be a creative, inspirational series of events – an opportunity not to be missed. 

Both general and livestream tickets for magCulture Live are available now via Eventbrite, both priced at $70 plus fees. This means you can tune in to the talks from anywhere – a huge plus for all those magazine, editorial and print fans around the World. With a line-up as extensive as this year’s, ranging from newspaper design, news, poetry and literature publishers, this magCulture Live is set to be a showcase of the talented people that keep us reading and engaging with print. You can grab tickets via Eventbrite here and follow magCulture for more details closer to the event.

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